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how long until I can use my bathtub again?

Typically, you must give the coating 48 hours to cure, however with additives we can decrease that time to 4 hours. This is ideal if it is the only bathtub in the house, as you can use it that same night.

How long will the new coating last?

This typically boils down to how well you maintain it. We guarantee our work for 3 years after application. It is not uncommon with proper carer for the new coating to last more than ten years.

What should I use to clean my newly refinished bathtub?

It is highly recommended that you only use a sponge or towel to clean your bathtub. Use of abrasive products like 3m green scrub pads, steel wool, etc... will GREATLY reduce the lifespan of your new coating and is not covered under warranty.

Will it be messy?

We tke EVERY precaution before and after the job to clean up after ourselves. It is our philosophy to treat your home as if it were ours.

What should I do to prepare for resurfacing?

We ask that you remove all personal belongings from the bathroom before we arrive. Items like jewely, personal hygiene products, cchildrens toys, etc...This is to protect against any claims of theft or damage.


Bath Doctor fiberglass bathtub repair

Bath Doctor fiberglass bathtub repair