Time: up to 1 week

Lose access to use bathtub/room

Demolition debris

Potential plumbing issues

Potential flooring issues



​Cost = $3,000 and up

​We can resurface your steel bathtub to look like new again for a fraction of the cost to replace.  There is no demolition, and no inconvenience as this process can be done with the bathtub in place and takes less than 4 hours to do. 



Steel Bathtub Refinishing

Time can take its toll on a bathtub. When your bathtub start to lose its original shine, it can be tempting to have it replaced. We want you to make an informed decision on the TRUE cost of replacing a bathtub versus Resurfacing.

Time: Same day

Will only lose access to bathtub overnight

No demolition debris

No Potential plumbing issues

No potential flooring issues

No drywall/paint

Cost = $400 and up

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